Porter Cassel Series

When a raging forest fire cannot suck in air quickly enough, smoke turns black, blotting out the sun and turning day into night. To a firefighter, this false dusk is a sign of conditions turning rapidly from bad to worse. But Porter Cassel has more than just fires to contend with—he is a man with a tragedy in his past, and the situation becomes more complex when he is framed for the murder of a suspect.

“It was the Forest Rangers’ equivalent of CSI. I liked the realistic descriptions of the work and an interesting plot. A good read.” Nevada Barr, author of the Anna Pigeon series.

"Compelling characters, intricate plotting, sly wit and, most of all, authentic details....you can smell the smoke and hear the flames crackle." Paul Steensland, USFS Senior Special Agent (Retired)

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Porter Cassel, on loan from the Alberta Forest Service, is given command of a fire in Montana.  The fire is in a canyon, rumoured by locals to be haunted.  Taking what seems an insignificant risk, Cassel and one of his men climb a ridge for an overview of the fire.  Flames roar unexpectedly up the ridge and trap the two men, who frantically deploy their fire shelters.  Only Cassel survives, scorched and stunned.  Was his decision to climb the ridge a moment of carelessness?  Or is there a more sinister explanation?  Compelled by a sense of duty to the family of his fallen comrade, and determined to settle in his own mind the question of his guilt, Cassel conducts his own investigation.

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In the third book of this unique mystery series, based on forest fires and the crimes they conceal, Porter is sent to investigate a series of wildfires caused by Molotov cocktails in the vicinity of the isolated community of Fort Chipewyan, in northern Alberta.  While investigating this serial arson, a trapper is found dead in the burned remnants of his cabin.  The RCMP feel the trapper's death was accidental but Porter has reason to believe it was murder.  Unknown to Porter, locals involved in the crimes begin a campaign of character assassination against Porter which results in his removal from both investigations and the destruction of his reputation, both professionally and personally.


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