The Porter Cassel Mystery Series

A unique murder mystery series based on forest fires and the crimes they conceal.

Book 1

When forest fire forensics expert Porter Cassel is called in to help catch a serial arsonist who goes by the name “Lorax”, he must juggle his official investigation with a personal one: the Lorax’s modus operandi resembles that of a long-dormant ecoterrorist who planted the bomb that killed Cassel’s fianceé. His personal investigation creates friction with the Mounties, who have jurisdiction over the latest series murders. 

As the search continues, Cassel finds he has more to worry about than just a turf battler, when he is framed for the murder of one of the suspects in the case. How will he prove his innocence, as well as discover the identity of the arsonist?

Book 2

When a small fire starts to creep through the underbrush deep within a Montana forest valley, Porter Cassel is brought in to organize the firefighters charged with containing it. The fire moves quickly from bad to worse, rapidly scaling the forest canopy and killing one of Cassel’s men. Removed from command, Cassel takes the fire investigation into his own hands, discovering that the fire was not just a random flare-up, but the work of an arsonist.

In this second book in the Porter Cassel mystery series, One Careless Moment picks up where Day Into Night left off — with Porter continuing to prove himself against all odds. Fighting against local legends about the valley being haunted, shady development deals, and the squatters who have chosen Holder’s Canyon as their particular Eden, Cassel must get to the bottom of the case, not only to clear his name, but also his conscience. Dave Hugelschaffer has taken the murder mystery into a new realm: the world of the forest firefighter.

Book 3

The latest installment in Dave Hugelschaffer's innovative murder-mystery series sends forest fire forensics expert Porter Cassel to the isolated northern Alberta community of Fort Chipewyan, where an arsonist armed with Molotov cocktails has started a series of blazes. During his investigation the remains of a trapper are discovered in a burned-down cabin. The RCMP rule the death accidental, but Cassel isn't so sure. Complicating matters are unfriendly locals who don't take kindly to outsiders prying into their business. Once again, Cassel must act alone - surviving assassination attempts on both his character and his life - in order to get to the truth.